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Horse Quintana

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BORN: 2008

BREED: Westphalian

PEDIGREE: Quinta Real x Arpeggio x Potsdam

SEX: mare

HEIGH: 165cm / 16.1hh

EXPERIENCE: international level CSI4*

About Quintana

QUINTANA is experienced mare at CSI2*- CSI3* RANKINGs and in 2019 she also competed at CSI4* and won in 2019 and 2018 CSI2 * Grand Prix of Budapest. In 2018 Quintana took a part in Slovak representation team at CSIO Linz with one time penalty point.

Character: Quintana has lovely character for treatment/ handling. She has quick reactions over obstacle and she has a lot of blood and power when she is in course. Quintana is really brave everytime when she gets hard task she throws her heart over obstacle and does her best.

Quintana birthed one colt in 2012. Quintana was bought directly from breeder when she was 6 months old. She was imported from Germany. Since that time she has been being managed to a TOP Sport.

We would recommend this special mare for experienced junior or young U25 rider who wants to compete at EUCH. Quintana seems to be super winning mare for adult rider up to CSI4*.

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Current Sport results:

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Quintana sport results till 2020.06.01
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